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Award Winning “Wake With Me” from Nubile Films

Are you ready to feast your eyes on an award winning lesbian threesome film? Wake With Me from Nubile Films features a night of delicious sapphic love fromĀ Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan, and Celeste Star. These three ladies are in no hurry to leave their bed in the morning!

When Celeste wakes with an insatiable need for her lover’s body, she gently coaxes Malena into some X-rated spooning. When Elle wakes and see her friends enjoying the lesbian lust of each other’s bodies, she too wants to join in on the lovemaking. Soon enough the panties are gone and this lesbian threesome gets under it’s delightful way.

“Focusing all of their attention on Elle, Malena and Celeste peel her panties off and cover her with their mouths. Malena suckles Elle’s pert nipples and kisses her sensitive collarbone while Celeste devours the sweetness of Elle’s amazing shaved pussy. Driven to new heights of passion by Elle’s moans, Celeste delves her fingers deep into her friend’s horny hole. All of the stimulation soon drives Elle over the edge as she explodes in an incredible orgasm.”

Nubile films is known for it’s artistic stance, with a great collection of lesbian films to tempt and tease you. Some of their lesbian threesome films are the most popular you’ll find on the internet. There’s no need to look much further for some beautiful lesbian porn. Check out the rest of Wake With Me starringĀ Elle Alexandra, Malena Morgan, and Celeste Star at Nubile Films.


Some of the most sensual lesbian porn around is found at Nubile Films – said to “capture the essence of sensuality while providing a experience that makes you feel like you are in the same room – not just watching, but participating in the action”. We’ve got to agree, with the short lesbian film “Rub Down” being one of our favorites.

Rub Down Lesbian Sex MovieIn this lesbian porn flick, beautiful blonde Lindsay spoils her redhead lover Liza with an oiled up sensual massage. What starts off as a slow and slick rub down all over Liza’s body quickly moves into so much more. Lindsay’s attentions soon turn into making her lover as wet as possible – including her shaved pussy.

Slow and steady, Lindsay works on Liza’s sopping pussy with slow and deliberate movements that go way beyond a quick and dirty orgasm. Her goal is to go smooth and steady, bringing her lover to a much more powerful orgasm. Liza’s coos and moans coax her lesbian love on. Soon, Liza’s orgasmic moans are filling the poolside in a sound that we bet is music to her lover’s ears.

Lesbian Nubile Films MovieOne orgasm isn’t enough for Lindsay, though. She turns her girlfriend over, spreading her legs so that Lindsay can lap up ever fold of Liza’s pink pussy. Just before Liza finds herself cumming from her lover’s actions once again, Lindsay returns her eager fingers to their former place, bringing Liza over the edge for a second orgasm.

Of course Liza is happy to return the favor to her gorgeous girlfriend. Helping her lesbian lover onto the massage table, Liza gets to work and attaches her mouth right to Lindsay’s swelling pussy. Soon enough Lindsay is soaking with a mix of her own juices as well as her lover’s spit. She loves having Liza’s thumb in her folds, working her up to a huge and overpowering orgasm.

Are you ready to watch lesbian lovers Liza and Linsday in action? Catch the clip below to watching these amazing Sapphic beauties in action in Nubile Films’s “Rub Down”.

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