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Introducing The GenderQueer Shop

The GenderQueer ShopOur little family of lesbian friendly sites is starting to grow, and we would like to introduce you to our newest sister site, The GenderQueer Shop. Born from our love of gender fluidity but seeing the struggle that some have finding sex toys and genderwear that fits their needs, The GenderQueer Shop is designed to help you connect with the right products to allow you to be who you really are.

One of the main focuses of The GenderQueer Shop is faux body parts for those who wish to add to their existing anatomy. For the FTM lesbians out there, a line of packing dildos, shapewear, and other items to help you bring out that masculine side can be found. We also provide products for those MTF lovers wishing to explore their feminine side, with false breasts and clothing that will help you accentuate those curves. No matter how you view your gender – or none at all – The GenderQueer Shop is there to help you explore your other sides.

In addition to the transwear and other gender related products, The GenderQueer Shop also carries the same generalist sex toys that you find on most mainstream sites. You’ll find popular brands like RodeoH, Tantus and Stockroom, as well as more mass marketed brands like Pipedreams, KinkLab and Fetish Fantasy. Our items are discounted over their usual retail price. In addition, Lesbians Unlimited readers have access to an exclusive coupon code – LULOVESGQ15 – to save 15% off your order. This code can be used on everything online (excluding the gift cards) and is valid on top of the already reduced prices.

If you’re not quite sure what to get or have some questions, getting in touch with the ladies who run The GenderQueer Shop is very easy. You can send then an email which will be replied to within 48 hours, or you can drop them a tweet at @GenderQueerShop. (If it’s a private matter, they’ll DM you with replies!) We hope that you find what you’re looking for over at The GenderQueer Shop!

I do love it when my worlds collide at times. Just as I had been working on a number of posts on glass sex toys, A Touch Of Glass popped up on my radar. As I was building up posts to their products, I was offered to test one of their high quality glass sex toys. I’m not one to turn down a good dildo, so the Moody Blue was sent to me for a review.

phallic shaped glass dildo

The Quick and Dirty Stats: The Moody Blue arrived in the standard non-descript box just a day after it was posted out to me. Inside the glass sex toy was well packaged in biodegradable packing peanuts, sat inside a cloth bag and wrapped in plastic security wrap. I also got a lovely letter from the folks at ToG, thanking me for testing their toys. The toy itself is made from 100% medical grade glass – the base being made from clear glass, with the “blue” in the name coming from the vein-like design added to the shaft. Moody Blue is around 7 inches long with a slight curve. At one end is a classic phallic shaped bulb, and at the other a more spherical rounded shape.

Overall Feel and Fit: As the Moody Blue is a bit on the larger size, this toy was requested with me in mind (as the Mrs prefers narrower toys). We both enjoy being on the giving end for glass toys, so there’s no disappointment here! This is quite a heavy glass dildo. We have used mass-produced glass toys before, and this one definitely has a different ‘feel’ to it. The weight seems to be distributed better, and the glass vein detailing on the side seems to be better integrated into the toy itself. There are also no seams viable as is the case with a very cheap glass dildo we have. (Yes, ouch…)

Moody Blue Glass ToyUsability: I tend to use my glass sex toys at “room temperature”, which in the glass toy world is rather chilly when it comes to sex toys. Using a bit of water based lube, the toy slid in smooth and certainly filled me. Mrs used the “mushroom” tipped end on me for our first go with the toy. The curve of the glass dildo was put to good use, and the “veined” glass detailing on the outside didn’t go unnoticed. Since I don’t tend to cum from internal stimulation on it’s own, the Mrs used her talents on my clit, and I was cumming quicker than I had in a while. The second time we used the Moody Blue Mrs used the more spherical end. This was a bit larger than I’m used to internally, so we quickly changed back sides to the more phallic end.

Review Disclaimer – I was provided the Moody Blue Glass Dildo in exchange for a review from A Touch Of Glass. This review is my true and honest opinion in relation to this toy. Prices and exchange rates were accurate as of the post date of this review and are subject to change. 

Cleanup and Storage: Glass sex toys are about as easy as it gets for cleanup. If we didn’t have a toddler, I’d just pop it on the top rack of our dishwasher and set it along with the coffee mugs. But, since we do and he likes to “do” dishes, the Moody Blue got a bath in warm soapy water in our bathroom sink. I was slightly worried that as with out lesser glass sex toys, “gunk” would get stuck in the vein detailing, but this wasn’t the case with this glass dildo.

Value for Money: The Moody Blue sells for £35.99 at A Touch Of Glass with free 1st class recorded delivery shipping within the UK, £4.85 within the EU (about 5.75 EUR) and £8.50 to the USA and the rest of the world (about $13.00). Yes – this price is higher than you could spend on other glass sex toys, but you’re really looking at two different products – mass marketed imports will cost less, but they aren’t made as well and have questionable manufacturing processes. As is the case with a lot of sex toys these days, you always get what you pay for. In this case, higher price does mean higher quality, and you are getting value for money with this purchase.

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