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Anna Anthropy pushes Aleister Church’s buttons in this latest dish from the brilliant minds at Crash Pad. Aliester Church describes themself as a ‘breakfast bottom’ who is dedicated to serve. Anna Anthropy loves physical play – choking, slapping, shoving and bruising. When these two delicious lovers come together you know there will be sparks! A hot and heaving boot licking session spirals into so much more.

“Aleister Church obediently bathes Anna Anthropy’s boots with their tongue. A boot job done with zeal is worthy of reward, and Anna generously fucks Aleister until they beg to come. But has Aleister earned an orgasm? Watch and see.” – Keymaster

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Kimberly helps Brittany Bendz get her foot in the door. Why measure your pleasure by mere inches? For Kimberly Kills, fun comes by the foot. Brittany Bendz’ foot, to be precise, as they close 2013 with a most impressive game of footsie. You’ve never seen lesbian foot fetish action quite like this before – especially from a pair of ladies as hot as this duo.

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Want to watch all the lesbian foot fetish fun between Kimberly Kills and t-girl Brittany Bendz? Check out Episode 165: Kimberly Kills and Brittany Bendz from the crew over at Crash Pad Series!


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