You’ve finally gathered up the courage to join a lesbian dating site – congratulations! A lot of ladies never even make it to this step. Now that you’ve discovered a lesbian dating site that works for you, Lesbians Unlimited wants to make sure that your experience here is as safe and secure as possible. That’s why we’ve put together some suggested safety guidelines when it comes to interacting with members of this lesbian dating site.

Lesbian Dating at Sapphic DatingSetting Up Your Account and Interacting With Other Members

The number one thing that you need to remember is that you are in control of how much information you share. We strongly suggest you remain as anonymous as possible until you are totally comfortable giving out more personal information. Please don’t share your real name, home address, place or work or any other identifying information until you have established a certain level of trust with your potential lesbian partner.

Take advantage of the options available to you at lesbian date sites like Sapphic Dating. Some have chat rooms that let you have real time conversations with other members. Others have internal mailing systems allows you to send messages to other members without giving away your email address. Many members create separate email accounts for their online dating – one that does not have their real name in it – if they choose to communicate with their potential lesbian partner offline.

Obviously, never give any financial information to anyone you meet online. This is a major red flag when it comes to fraudsters hoping to take advantage of our members. Do not wire anyone money as you will have no recourse to get the funds back to you. Do not give away your credit card or banking information.

Other red flags to keep a look out for when using online lesbian dating services are:

  • Immediately asking to contact you via outside chat or email services
  • Closing down one account and immediately opening up another one
  • Discussing how it’s ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ that you met before you’ve got to know each other
  • Wanting to know your home address for gift deliveries
  • Claiming to be from your home country, but always travelling aborad

Meeting Offline

So you’ve got to know a special someone and you want to meet up in real life. This is an exciting time –enjoy those ‘first date butterflies’! After you’ve got to know someone on an online dating site for lesbians and want to meet offline, there are still precautions you should take to keep safe.

You want to keep this first date in public. As much as you may be tempted to return to your date’s home for a night cap, this isn’t the safest thing to do. Another tip to keeping safe after meeting online is to drive yourself to your date. Even if this means taking a taxi, it’s key that you have control over getting to and from the date. Don’t rely on them for a ride. This is doubly important if you’re travelling far and staying overnight to be near your date. Use your own hotel room – not their house – to stay in.

Be sure that there is at least one other person that knows where you are going and around how long you will be out. This is where your best friend comes in handy! Most off all – enjoy your time with your new date. Once again, congratulations for taking this first step on your online dating journey!

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