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What To Say In Your First Dating Site Message

You may not be all too surprised to hear that what you say in your first message to a potential partner on a dating sites does make a difference. One of the largest dating sites recently conducted a study with their members, analyzing their first messages sent to a new contact, and the reply rate for those message. They’ve discovered that there are a few key aspects to a first contact message that can make or break your changes for a positive reply. While this study was not done on a lesbian dating site – we bet that there will be little difference in the results in your own online dating experiences!

Lesbian Dating First Message TipsGet away from the text-speak. Please wipe the words “wat”, “luv” and “realy” from your vocabulary! The reply rate for first messages that included abbreviated forms of the English language was so low you really wonder if the time saved by not typing a few letters was really worth it. This study showed that there was between a 25% and 8% reply rate for messages that used this pseudo-vocabulary. Avoid “r”, “u”, and “ya” as well. While you may think it looks casual and cute, you may be regretting that decision when a girl you’re really excited about doesn’t return your message.

Keep away from superficial physical compliments. This online dating study also showed that when messages were sent with pickup lines including the words “beautiful”, “sexy”, “hot” and “cutie”, they had as low as a 18% change of having that message returned. Seems like superficial compliments on the first dating site message sends up some red flags. Alternatively, words like “awesome”, “cool” and “fascinating” had a much higher reply rate. The lesson to take away from this is – don’t be overly flattering to a person you’re hoping to hear back from!

Pick an out-of-the-ordinary greeting. Do you find yourself using the same “hi”, “hello” and “hey” when you’re sending your first message on a lesbian dating site? Those first few words can make or break your changes of getting a reply back. The simple phrase “how’s it going” had more than a 50% reply rate, as compared with “hi” and it’s 24%. Even the somewhat short and sweet “yo” did much better than something like “holla”. Be creative with that opening phrase and you might see a few more lesbian dating replies in your inbox!

First Message On A Dating Site TipsBe specific in your interests. Want to increase your changes of getting your first dating site message replied to? Share a bit about yourself, but be specific! Words like “tattoos”, “vegetarian” and “band” had a significantly higher reply rate than those who didn’t go into any specifics about their interest. Even words like “grad school”, “video games” and “favorite movies” made a big difference. So if you’re looking for a reply from your potential lesbian love, give her something to think about!

Lay off the chat about religion – in general. As strange as it may seem, there’s a lower reply rate for ladies who mentioned “God” in their first message when compared to those who mentioned specific religious terms such as “jewish”, “Allah” and “Jesus”. If you’re treading on the ‘first date faux pa’ chat of politics and religion, it may be better to be as specific as possible. The one word that had more than a 40% reply rate when it came to religious talk? “Atheist”.

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Writing A Good Dating Site Profile For Lesbian Dating

Your profile on your favorite lesbian dating website is your first impression. It’s what makes ladies decide if you’re the type of person they want to get in touch with. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time around. Make mistakes, and you could be wasting valuable time wading through contact requests from women you’d rather not meet. So how do you make sure that your online dating profile is the best it can be? What can you do to attract the ‘right kind’ of lesbians online? Here are five tips to getting that lesbian dating profile right!

Find A Lesbian Wife OnlinePick a unique screenname that gives a glimpse into who you are. While names like “JuicyGrrl69” or “HornyBoiAries” may look unique – you’d be surprised at how many ladies pick rather sexualized names when all they are looking for is someone to talk to. Be sure that your dating site screenname not only reflect someone about you, but doesn’t give the wrong impression. “DildoSlut” would be a great name for a bottom looking for a no strings attached relationship. “GardeningMom12” shows that sex isn’t the most important factor in picking a potential partner. It’s not that one is ‘bad’ and the other ‘good’ – they just need to reflect what you’re searching for. Also resist putting any part of your real name as your dating screen name, as this can be used to locate you when you’d rather not be.

Post a flattering photo. Your profile picture doesn’t necessarily need to be one of your face, but at the very least be sure it’s a recent image of yourself. While we all know that there are more things to a great partner than looks, seeing an image of your potential lover on a lesbian dating site then meeting someone who looks quite different can be a bit nerve wracking! But, if it is, be sure that you only use that image on that site. Using Google Images, you can backwards-search an image. This means that if you are using the same picture on your Facebook profile, with your real name, someone can search for your dating site image and come up with your Facebook page. Just be careful!

Find Lesbian Love OnlineKnow what you are looking for. Why have you joined a lesbian dating site? Are you searching for a new long term partner? Other lesbians just to hang out with? A no-strings-attached lesbian relationship? Also keep in mind the type of woman you’re looking for. Use basic terms to describe yourself that would be searchable for others looking for your type.

Lay out your “must have”s, your “it would be nice if”s and your “should not” list right from the start. Start as you mean to go. In the case of dating sites for lesbians, this means lay it all out with what type of person you’re looking for. If your possible lesbian love must be a butch, like reading, and is a vegetarian non-smoker, be sure to put this in your profile. While the amount of people contacting you overall may be reduced, you’ll have more of the type of person you DO want contacting you.

Be positive, but honest. Flatter yourself in an honest but meaningful way. If you are on the older site, use term like “mature” and “experienced”. “Curvy” and “BBW” are often terms searched out by those looking for plus sized ladies. Avoid the put downs – even if meant in a joking manner. We don’t mean just when it comes to describing yourself, either. Keep away from the sarcastic style remarks like “Losers need not apply” in your lesbian dating site profile.

We also suggest that once you’ve written your lesbian dating site profile, you hold off a day before posting it. Let it sit in your word document overnight, then come back to it the next morning for a few tweaks. This will help you pick up spelling and grammar errors more easily, as you won’t be reading what you “think” you wrote, but what you actually did right. Once you’re happy with that profile, get it uploaded and get ready for your first contacts to come through. Good luck!

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Staying Safe On Lesbian Dating Sites

You’ve finally gathered up the courage to join a lesbian dating site – congratulations! A lot of ladies never even make it to this step. Now that you’ve discovered a lesbian dating site that works for you, Lesbians Unlimited wants to make sure that your experience here is as safe and secure as possible. That’s why we’ve put together some suggested safety guidelines when it comes to interacting with members of this lesbian dating site.

Lesbian Dating at Sapphic DatingSetting Up Your Account and Interacting With Other Members

The number one thing that you need to remember is that you are in control of how much information you share. We strongly suggest you remain as anonymous as possible until you are totally comfortable giving out more personal information. Please don’t share your real name, home address, place or work or any other identifying information until you have established a certain level of trust with your potential lesbian partner.

Take advantage of the options available to you at lesbian date sites like Sapphic Dating. Some have chat rooms that let you have real time conversations with other members. Others have internal mailing systems allows you to send messages to other members without giving away your email address. Many members create separate email accounts for their online dating – one that does not have their real name in it – if they choose to communicate with their potential lesbian partner offline.

Obviously, never give any financial information to anyone you meet online. This is a major red flag when it comes to fraudsters hoping to take advantage of our members. Do not wire anyone money as you will have no recourse to get the funds back to you. Do not give away your credit card or banking information.

Other red flags to keep a look out for when using online lesbian dating services are:

  • Immediately asking to contact you via outside chat or email services
  • Closing down one account and immediately opening up another one
  • Discussing how it’s ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ that you met before you’ve got to know each other
  • Wanting to know your home address for gift deliveries
  • Claiming to be from your home country, but always travelling aborad

Meeting Offline

So you’ve got to know a special someone and you want to meet up in real life. This is an exciting time –enjoy those ‘first date butterflies’! After you’ve got to know someone on an online dating site for lesbians and want to meet offline, there are still precautions you should take to keep safe.

You want to keep this first date in public. As much as you may be tempted to return to your date’s home for a night cap, this isn’t the safest thing to do. Another tip to keeping safe after meeting online is to drive yourself to your date. Even if this means taking a taxi, it’s key that you have control over getting to and from the date. Don’t rely on them for a ride. This is doubly important if you’re travelling far and staying overnight to be near your date. Use your own hotel room – not their house – to stay in.

Be sure that there is at least one other person that knows where you are going and around how long you will be out. This is where your best friend comes in handy! Most off all – enjoy your time with your new date. Once again, congratulations for taking this first step on your online dating journey!