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Some of the Lesbians Unlimited readers have let us know that they are struggling to get a hold of Fleshlight’s Mr Limpy packer – one of the favorite soft penis packers on the market. There are a number of alternatives available, with one of our favorites being the Pack It Light and Pack It Heavy lines from Doc Johnson. Just like the Mr Limpy set of dildos, these aren’t for penetration. It’s all about what’s on display!

Made with soft and squishy UR3, both the Pack It Light and Pack It Heavy dildos feel like a flaccid penis on your hand. When slipped into a pair of tight fitting underwear, they ‘lay’ as a standard penis would. The Pack It Light is the smaller of the two, with a 4.5 inch length and 1 inch width. The Pack It Heavy is a slightly longer 5.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in length. Both come in three skin shades – ‘white’, ‘brown’ and ‘black’.

If you’ve never handled one of this ‘squishy’ styles of packers before, they really are scarily realistic at times. The way the move against the body, the way they warm up to your own temperature, even the way they flop out when you pull your pants down really has that whole ‘penis’ feel. They are one of the best styles of toys for lesbians who love to play with their gender identity – as well as transmen who want to pack. We’ve even heard that cis men use soft penis packers like the Pack It Light and Pack It Heavy to enhance their already existing penis – especially with these tight jeans styles!

You can get all six of the Pack It Light and Pack It Heavy lines from Doc Johnson at Angel’s Sex Toys. They’re currently on sale from the usual retail price, but Lesbians Unlimited readers can save even more when you use the code LESUNLTD15 to get 15% off your order. This code is good on anything sold at AngelsSexToys.com, not just the packers, so feel free to grab our favorite pair of underwear to use with packing!

Angel's Sex Toys

Which Dildo Materials Are Best?

One of the most common questions that we get here at Lesbians Unlimited are ‘which dildo materials are best’. While we have our personal preferences, the answer to that question really depends on a number of factors – how you will be using the dildo, the amount of care you want to give your sex toys, how much you want to spend, among other things. Here’s a brief rundown of our preferred dildo materials.

Silicone Dildos

This is by far our personal favorite dildo material. High quality silicone dildos like those on the Tantus range come in a number of shapes and styles that fit most lesbians check-boxes when it comes to shape and style. You want a realistic looking dildo? You can get that in silicone styles. Want one that’s less phallic and does the job? That’s covered as well.

One of our favorite parts about silicone sex toys is that you can place them in the top rack of the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleaning.

The down side to silicone sex toys? You really shouldn’t use silicone lubricants with them. There’s also stories about silicone toys being stored touching each other and the toys breaking down at the contact point over time. So if you have a mix of toys in your box, you may want to keep the silicone ones in a pouch for safe keeping.

Glass & Steel Dildos

Want something hard, stiff and unweilding? Something you can heat up or cool down for temperature play? Or just looking for a texture that’s something other than flesh-like? Glass dildos and steel dildos are a material you should give a try.

Just like silicone dildos, these can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well.

One of the limitations that we find with glass and steel toys is that they aren’t practical for packing, unless you want that hard-on look 24/7. It’s also difficult to find those with flared bases that can be used in harnesses – but there are a few out there.

TPR / TPE Dildos

TPR and TPE seem to be the catch-all mix of synthetic materials that are made from various plasticizers. They’re ideal for those who want realistic looking toys – veins and all – without the worry of having a toy that’s too porous.

Depending on the TPR mix, you’ll get something as firm and ridged as a piece of plastic, or something as soft and flexible as a jelly toy (without the down sides of jelly).

“Cyberskin”, “UR3” & Other Skin Style Material Dildos

Many sex toy manufactures – especially those in the ‘realistic’ or ‘porn star‘ style niches come up with their own proprietary recipe for their sex toy materials.

While these toys have an extremely lifelike feel to them and can be molded with amazing detail, they are quite porous and need quite a bit of care to keep in their tip-top condition.

If you want a real looking cock for packing, this is the way to go.

You may have noticed that we’ve purposely left out a few common sex toy materials – namely jelly and latex. Yes, they are the cheapest sex toy material out there, but that’s for a reason. First, they’re awful for the body – full of phthalates and other chemicals that are awful for the body, way too porous for any reasonable amount of play, and they crack quite quickly even after gentle use. Just stay away.

Angel's Sex Toys

Introducing The GenderQueer Shop

The GenderQueer ShopOur little family of lesbian friendly sites is starting to grow, and we would like to introduce you to our newest sister site, The GenderQueer Shop. Born from our love of gender fluidity but seeing the struggle that some have finding sex toys and genderwear that fits their needs, The GenderQueer Shop is designed to help you connect with the right products to allow you to be who you really are.

One of the main focuses of The GenderQueer Shop is faux body parts for those who wish to add to their existing anatomy. For the FTM lesbians out there, a line of packing dildos, shapewear, and other items to help you bring out that masculine side can be found. We also provide products for those MTF lovers wishing to explore their feminine side, with false breasts and clothing that will help you accentuate those curves. No matter how you view your gender – or none at all – The GenderQueer Shop is there to help you explore your other sides.

In addition to the transwear and other gender related products, The GenderQueer Shop also carries the same generalist sex toys that you find on most mainstream sites. You’ll find popular brands like RodeoH, Tantus and Stockroom, as well as more mass marketed brands like Pipedreams, KinkLab and Fetish Fantasy. Our items are discounted over their usual retail price. In addition, Lesbians Unlimited readers have access to an exclusive coupon code – LULOVESGQ15 – to save 15% off your order. This code can be used on everything online (excluding the gift cards) and is valid on top of the already reduced prices.

If you’re not quite sure what to get or have some questions, getting in touch with the ladies who run The GenderQueer Shop is very easy. You can send then an email which will be replied to within 48 hours, or you can drop them a tweet at @GenderQueerShop. (If it’s a private matter, they’ll DM you with replies!) We hope that you find what you’re looking for over at The GenderQueer Shop!

Anyone in the UK (and international) sex bloggersphere will more than likely heard of Sh! Women’s Store. In the process of signing up for their affiliate program for a few of the websites I run, I got to chatting with the wickedly funny staff there, and was offered a chance to test a toy for them. Since I picked out the last set of dildos we got, I left the task of going through Sh’s silicone dildo line to Mrs. Almost immediately she came back with the Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo. A few weeks later while at the Sh! Horxton store for an event, I picked up this little delight and brought it home to try out on Valentine’s Day.

silicone vibrating dildo

The Quick and Dirty Stats: The Wirly Girly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo is made from 100% silicone, and is latex and phthalate free. It’s 5.25 inches long with almost all of that insertable. It has a flared heart-shaped base. The toy comes with a small bullet vibrator that can be inserted into a recess at the base of the dildo (but can be used without the vibe as well). The vibe is powered by 3 LL44 batteries which are included with the toy. As with any silicone toys, water based lubricant should be used, and Sh! includes a small packet along with the dildo. It comes wrapped in a somewhat stiff plastic wrap that’s easily removed with a pair of scissors (or teeth if you’re in the heat of the moment).

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